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Booking Policy

All payments are non refundable. If you need to reschedule your booking I must be notified at least 24 hours prior and you can reschedule your shoot within 30 days of your original shoot date. There is a 20% rebooking fee assessed for the first instance any additional rebooking will constitute in a loss of initial payment amount and another deposit amount will be required. Shoots labeled as "Special" may not be rescheduled nor may the funds be used towards another service in the future. All deposits are non refundable. When booking the time that you book is the time that the session starts ex: If you book a full day (8 hour shoot) at 1:00pm the shoot time begins at 1:00pm. If there are any delays in the shoot start time on your behalf or anyone who is apart of the shoot on your behalf as in models running late, hair or makeup taking longer than expected that time is not made up meaning if the said shoot time is 1:00pm but your team isn't prepared to shoot until 3:00 the shoot time (8 hours) does not start at 3:00 pm it started at 1:00. 

I keep copies of your photos for a maximum of 90 days after that they are deleted from my system. Once you receive your proof photos you have 30 days to select your edit choices if you wait longer than the 30 day period the amount of edits that were included in your package are no longer valid and you must pay to have them edited. The reason for this is because I have a high volume of clientele and prolonging your edit choices results in negatively affecting the turn around time for other clients. I do my best to be quick and efficient as well as insuring that all of my clients are happy.

If you need to reschedule a shoot I require a 24 hour notice and there will be a 20% rebooking fee accessed to all shoots excluding any promotional shoots which may not be rebooked or transferred to any other packages. 

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