Retouching Policy

Here is an included list of what a retouched, edited photo consists of unless otherwise stated.

Color Correction

Skin retouching (Removing blemishes, Softening skin, Skin Tone Color Correction)

Light body manipulation EX (Slim waist/stomach/arms/chin/neck)

Removal of fly away hair unless for a hair or beauty shoot then more extensive hair editing is including.

Cleaning dirt and marks from paper backdrops on in studio shoots.

I will only keep the raw format photos for 90 days after your shoot date after that they will be permanently deleted. You have 30 days from the shoot date to select your final photos to be ed

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Services Considered Extra

Tattoo Removal

Removing wrinkles or logos from clothing

Removing seams or frayed string from clothing

Certain level of object removal that has not been preciously discussed. 

Changing fingernail or toenail color

Changing backdrop color

Using Format